Monday, February 25, 2013

A path for trucks

With today's  slightly improved weather, I ventured out for a walk around the neighbourhood. As I walked West along the Boardwalk at Lee Ave, noticed the city had been busy with a small construction project. The city now posts signs indicating how the project is 'building a great city'.

This propaganda is somewhat annoying - but one learns to ignore it. What caught my eye was the documentation on the sign. This indicated that the project was to build a '3 metre wide path' from the foot of Lee Ave to the lake. This seemed odd, since there is already a path from Lee to the Boardwalk. From the Boardwalk to the lake is beach - so sand or snow depending on the season.

Out of curiosity, I stepped around a muddy puddle to be able to read the fine print. To my amusement, the 'path' is for trucks to be able to access the lake in case of heavy rains. (There is an outflow from the storm sewer at that point of the shoreline.)

The purpose of the project became clear - it was to build a access road! Only in Toronto would official purposely obfuscate in calling a 'road' a 'path'.

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