Monday, February 18, 2013

Get real Warren!

I'm starting a new blog. This effort will be for whatever comes to mind - be it on food, wine, politics, movies, Scrabble... - you name it!

We'll begin with politics. This Saturday I learned something. I learn something most days. However, on Saturday, I learned never to be imbibing milk (or any other liquid for that matter), when reading one of Warren Kinsella's columns in The Toronto Sun.

Warren was dutifully criticizing Thomas (Tom) Mulcair. I'm ok with criticizing Mulcair. Mulcair is angry. Leftists are generally angry and self-hating. (Jack Layton hid it well.) However, near the end of the column, Kinsella asserts that the Conservatives and NDP are guilty of trying the claim Canadian values to themselves.

This is when the milk started to spurt through my nose. Warren, I guess it's OK for the Liberals to do that - but not for other parties?!

Get real man!

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